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Artist and songwriter CoolKay is a versatile and diverse musical performer who set out to create a distinctive sound by blending a wide range of influences. Although this hasn’t been an easy year for artists, CoolKay has still managed to publish something, and reach out to the audience. His most recent studio release, THISSHITFIXED, is a very appealing combination of trap, classic hip-hop vibes, and so much more, highlighting the artist’s incredible ability when it comes to switching things up and avoiding the usual cliches. In addition to reflecting the artist’s kaleidoscopic personality, Legacy is also well-produced and endearing. The sound of this recording is not overly polished, meaning that it allows more of the human qualities of the artist’s performance through, giving the audience a memorable and authentic experience.  With such a combination of honest lyrics and creativity, you really cannot go wrong here, especially if you are a fan of timeless and well-produced hip-hop music with a more personal twist and a lot of lyrical depth to make things more interesting and direct.

Find out more about CoolKay, and listen to THISSHITFIXED, which is currently available on all platforms

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