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Shadey Miles

The AFRO POP/AFRO BEAT artist Shady Miles a boy from C7 Prono Street, was born, Prince Kofi Amaron, in the place of music, Tema, Ghana. Tema is the home of Sarkodie, R2bees, Shata Wale and Stoneboy. Following in the footsteps of his predecessors, Shady Miles has a style of his own. He has the R&B vibe mixed with the AFRO POP/BEAT sound. His music cuts across all genders but the women seem to gravitate to his voice and looks.

With his will to stand out as an artist he wants to inspire others where he comes from and be a jewel in his community who impacts the lives of the next generations to come.

Shady aura around him is what makes him stand out when in a room. His music is also a reflection of that. Being his own writer and producer he has the ability to keep his style of music under wraps. This helps him stay true to his identity in his music. Shady feels as an artist we have a public voice so you are required to speak about it or even go further write songs about it.

His bucket list is short when it comes down to who he would like to work with in the future, and that Burna Boy. But his opportunity to perform at one of the biggest festivals in Ghana, the BOGO FEST MUSIC FESTIVAL has made it on his list. Shadey has five song on the compilation album. His songs are track #1 EWURABA, #4 POPO #8 DON’T LEAVE ME #10 SOMEBODY and #12 ODO.
Check out Shadey Miles new release music and follow him @shadeymiles

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Lucci Money

Lucci Money is from the Eastern Region and raised in Tema, Ghana. Loving music and the arts at a young age it lead hime to take interest in video directing, editing and sound engineer. Later he developed the talent to sing. With all of these attributes, it has made him a talented Producer and Creative Director. Lucci’s goal is to inspire people with his music, change situations and be the voice of the people.

Lucci knew this career choice wasn’t not going to be easy. He has had painful experiences while trying to make it by himself in a country where music business structures don’t work properly. But with determination Lucci Money has had success. He has collaboration credit with Camidoh , Kayso , Kofi tafari, Ambroski, etc and looking forward to one day have a feature with Black Sherif, Davido, StoneBoy, Burner Boy , Manifest, Asake , Wizkid, Dave, Olamide, King promise and more.

Currently he is performing at one of the biggest festival events in Ghana, the BOGO FEST MUSIC FESTIVAL. His songs are Maybach track #5, and Dear Mama #9. You can stream and add to your playlist his songs on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.

To find out more of what Lucci Money is up to follow him @luccimoneygh



Adonisgh favorite quote is “My voice and choice of my lyrics are my power.”

Born the only son of five sibling, Godfred Ofori Darko is known as Adonisgh aka Adonis. Comes from Koforidua in the eastern region of Ghana, but grew up in LA (Accra). It wasn’t until Senior High School when Adonis started realizing the love and drive of wanting to do music.

He believes there are always challenges in the music business. Having experienced a bad deal before, he thinks of it as a lesson learned. Success doesn't happen without failures, you just don’t let it break your spirit. His goal is to inspire the world and have a good impact on people’s lives. His future plans are to build a studio and sign up and coming talent from where he grew up because he feels a lot of great talented artist are there with no hope and he wants to mentor and help them.

Adonis would love to take his own talent and collaborate with some of his own idols like Stoneyboy, Samini, Sardokie and Shasta Wale to name a fee. With this opportunity to perform at the BOGO FEST MUSIC FESTIVAL, it is just another unbelievable opportunity to perform live on stage. His songs are titled MAFIA and GOD FT. BILLO tracks 3 and 12 on the album. As he ends with “It’s not easy, but never stop believing in yourself and never stop recording.” You can stream @Adonisgh music on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.


Tafari Kofi

The amazing Afro HipHop Artist Tafari Kofi, was born and raised in West Africa, Ghana. Tafari Kofi translated means Friday, and Tafari, the Awesome One. Together the meaning is Friday the Awesome one. Born on a Friday, my awesomeness will defy all odds.

Kofi has been around music all of his life. He was influenced and introduced to music at an early age. Coming from a big family there was always music playing everywhere. Music from the Jackson 5, Bob Marley, Diana Ross, Sting and Sade were always on repeat. You can tell with Kofi’s music that his sound has a global influence.

In 2005 Kofi stepped out and started rapping on his own. He has always been a HipHop head. Hiphop corrected his attention deficits. As a child the only time he would sit still for minutes or even hours was when he loaded an album in his Discman.”

As he got older it became clear that music played a major role in his career choice. Kofi’s career has taken a lot of twists, turns and undulating routes but he still feel there is still a lot left to do. Many times he has been discouraged to the the breaking point of giving up. There were people around him who felt like he was delusional and stuck on stupid. But Kofi believes the faith he has within himself, and his music has helped him realize that his journey is not for anyone else to approve. He feels the inspiration he gets is from every sphere of activity in life.

He has learned a lot from watching and listening to Styles, Jay Z, Nas and Mobb Deep.” While elevating his career Kofi is focusing on the euphoria and excitement around BOGO FEST MUSIC FESTIVAL. The songs are titled OBAATIAH track 6 and DEVIL’S WORK track 2, on the album. You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and TIDAL.

You can always keep up with Kofi by following him @kofitarigram

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Born on 22nd of December 2001, in Accra, Ghana, Marcus and Marvin Mensah, werealways known to be special. Being identical twins always made peoples heads turn because they were see two. At the age of 12 they moved with their parents to Takoradi and that is when it all began. They started their dancing career in the church. With there skillful moves they started booking gigs performing at weddings and funerals. The figured they needed a stage name, so they came up with the iTwins. Because people would see them dance and say, they are incredible. That is how the name iTwins (Incredible Twins) about.

Over a period of time Marcus and Marvin realized they were becoming more popular and getting better and better. With their father being transferred this brought them in 2019, to Tema. Their journey wasn’t always easy being a dancer. Sometimes people just feel it isn’t a true job. The cost to travel is always expensive, so they try to look for performances that pay. The best thing about social media it has allowed them to be seen globally. They have fans all around the world that watch their videos on social media. Marcus and Marvin are always creating new content for their fans.

They are now going to introduce their hidden talent of singing and writing music. Marcus and Marvin are releasing their new song, “Alone” is track #7.

You can follow the iTwins @itwins on Social Media and stream to their surprise track on Spotify @BOGOFESTGH

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