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Don G Joins DMG

Aaron Jacob Stelly B.K.A. “Don G.” is a HipHop Jacksonville, FL native. At a young age Don G and his brother would sit around making mix tapes, looping beats, and free-styling. As time grew, fans of his music began to grow. He then started to consider the rap game as a serious career.

Working hard over the years, he began to realize that he wanted his message in his music to not always reflect the “street life” but to show that with hard work the rewards can be endless.That message is depicted in his new single dropping in 2020 titled, “What I’m Used To”.

If you don’t know him, get to know him. His lyric flow is flawless and unique. His smooth tones of rap will remind you of Common and Drake.

Stay connected and follow Don G for more music and video releases.

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