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Sheila D. New Year 2022 New Release

Sheila D is an artist that uses her musical gifts to express her internal feelings whilst providing a platform of relatability for her listeners. Her latest release is no different. “He Will Take It Away” is a stunning and powerful record with a sincere and heart touching backstory.

Sheila’s sister was meant to be the original writer of the record, however she tragically was never able to work on it, sadly passing away before the record could be crafted. It was a devastating loss as she was intending to write the record on the week leading up to her passing. Sheila was deeply hurt and saddened, but in only the way she can, chose to express her feelings through her art and music. Taking the song and working on it herself, she created a beautiful and stunning dedication to her sister. Her faith in God clearly evident on the record with as she describes: “A song that speak to your soul.”

The blissful tone and lyrics of this song helps bring feelings of harmony, peace and above all light and sincere musical expression.

Find out more about Sheila D, and check out “He Will Make A Way” on your favorite digital music streaming platform.


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