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DogSled Welcomes HipHop Group Hoodlum Squad

Release dropping May 25, 2019.

Hoodlum Squad consists of three active members: Tommy Brown aka "Teflon Hoodlum,” Derrick Gage aka “Field Boy P. Hoodlum" and Marcus Crompton aka “Mack 11 Hoodlum" all natives of Bakersfield Ca.

From the shadows of Los Angeles, Hoodlum Squad was created by the late Donnie Coleman aka “Don Juan” a member of the group “Geez Pimp”. The group “Geez Pimp” woke up the underground HipHop scene in the early ‘90s on the West Coast. They were on the cutting edge scene and was one of the hottest rap groups of its time to release.

After years of patience, hard work in the studio creating new music and with only two remaining members of the “Geez Pimps,” Teflon Hoodlum and Mack 11 Hoodlum formed “Hoodlum Squad,” bringing on Field Boy P. Hoodlum to complete the group.

Landing an independent major distribution deal with DogSled Music Group/MVD/Universal Canada. Hoodlum Squad didn't want to drop an album that was simply put together, they devoted their time with producers and engineers formulating their sound. The album title alone “SEASON” serves the purpose of just what the album represents; it’s our SEASON. This is an album for all seasons by a group that is very seasoned in the game. This new release of their album "Season" has woken up the industry and breathed new life into the HipHop world. The love for the purity of sounds and music which is one and the same resides within Hoodlum Squad.

Season is a dynamic lyrical HipHop free spirited album that reminds you of old school and new school combined. Each track is timeless and topped with seasoned lyrical talent. Even though it is Hoodlum Squad's freshman album you will agree that it is not their first rodeo in the business. Timing is of the essence, and it's the right time. It is nothing less than brilliant.

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