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HipHop Artist RyLo Da Monsta Joins DogSled Music Group

RyLo Da Monsta is one of the most feel-good artists to arise this year as an up-and-comer. The Savannah-based emcee began his journey in Queens, where he grew an appreciation for the golden era of emcees such as Biggie and Nas who relied heavily on witty wordplay and bar-for-bar music to attract listeners. Moving to the South introduced him to the more melodic side of rap music, and RyLo has combined these two styles to craft his own sound. The bass-centric production of Atlanta’s budding scene meshes well with his New York heavy-hitter flow as he enters his fifth year as a serious artist after a three-year hiatus. Driven by his grandmother’s battle with cancer, he has discovered a newfound drive and confidence that backs his music and speaks volumes where he previously couldn’t. Taking the world by storm is just one part of the plan, and RyLo is on his way and ahead of the curve this year!

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